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We are incredibly excited to share some fantastic news with all our cricket enthusiasts: Cricket-Mates is expanding by merging with the renowned i3j3Cricket, a platform that has been a valuable source of knowledge for cricket lovers, especially those interested in Indian cricket. While our unwavering focus remains on UK cricket, this merger introduces a breadth of global cricket wisdom to our platform, enriching our content with diverse perspectives and insights.

About the Merger

i3j3Cricket's Rich Legacy in Cricket Commentary

i3j3Cricket has long been a beacon for fans of Indian cricket, offering in-depth analysis, historical insights, and a unique perspective on the game. Their extensive coverage and understanding of cricket dynamics have been invaluable to the global cricket community.

Cricket-Mates: Continuing Our Journey with a Broader Scope

At Cricket-Mates, our heart and soul have always been in celebrating and exploring the nuances of UK cricket. With this merger, we bring i3j3Cricket's global cricket insights into our discussions, enhancing our understanding and appreciation of cricket in all its forms.

Benefits of the Merger

This collaboration between Cricket-Mates and i3j3Cricket is more than just a combination of two platforms; it's a fusion of knowledge and passion for cricket. While we continue to dive deep into UK cricket, the insights from i3j3Cricket will provide a broader context, enriching our conversations with global strategies, varied playing styles, and a deeper appreciation of the game's international spirit.

Our Future Together

Looking ahead, our content will integrate the best of both worlds. Expect more in-depth analyses, feature articles, and discussions that not only focus on UK cricket but also include some global insights that enhance our understanding of the game. We believe this merger will be a game-changer in how we experience and celebrate cricket.

Will this merger change the focus of Cricket-Mates?

Our primary focus remains on UK cricket. The merger enriches this focus with additional global insights, not a shift in direction.

Your Voice Matters

We welcome your thoughts and feedback on this exciting new journey. For any inquiries, suggestions, or comments, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


Jamie Hall